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The mission of the Mount Hope Police Department is to work in partnership with the communities that we serve. We appreciate you taking the time and effort to engage in providing feedback to our police department. Without feedback, both positive and negative from the public, our agency would not be in a position to evaluate how we interact with the public on a daily basis. It is the policy of the Mount Hope Police Department to accept and investigate all complaints of agency and employee’s alleged misconduct or wrongdoing from any citizen, department employee, or any other sources, including anonymous sources. In the event that a citizen lodges a complaint, the following actions will occur: The citizen will generally be contacted within twenty-four hours by a supervisor of the police department. The citizen may be requested to complete an official complaint form. A supervisor within the police department will be assigned to conduct a thorough and impartial examination of the available factual information. The citizen will be kept informed of the status of the investigation and will be notified in writing of its ultimate disposition. If the investigation shows that an employee of the Department violated the law or one of our Departmental policies or procedures, the employee will be disciplined accordingly. Our agency practices progressive discipline. If the investigation shows that the complaint was unfounded or that the employee acted properly, the matter will be closed without administrative action.

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