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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain a copy of my accident report?
You may stop by the police department. Be sure to have either the date of the accident or the blotter number handy for the clerk to locate the report. There is a $7 fee for the report. Call 845-386-9442 before you come to make sure that someone is available to assist you.


When will my accident report be ready?
We attempt to have all police accident reports ready within 10 business days of the accident date. However, occasionally there are unforeseen problems with the report and or other correction problems. You may speak to a Supervisor if your report is not ready after 10 business days from the accident date.


How can I obtain a copy of other police reports?
You may file a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request with the Town Clerk’s office. The law allows the town to take up to five (5) days to respond to a request of records. If you have further questions you can contact the Town Clerk’s office at 845-386-1460.


Must the police be called to every motor vehicle accident?
The police must take an official accident report if any person involved in the accident is injured in the accident by N.Y. State law. Our agency does generally take a full report even if there are no injuries in most circumstances. The driver of any vehicle must also report an accident to DMV of any accident causing a fatality, personal injury, or damage to either vehicle over $1000.00 on a “civilian accident report form” (MV-104) which may be picked up at any police agency or DMV. This report must be completed and mailed to DMV within 10 days of the accident.


Where and when can I get fingerprinted for a permit or employment?
You may stop by our station at any time for fingerprinting. We ask that you reside in the Town of Mount Hope for us to fingerprint you for any permit or employment. Be aware that you may have to wait until an officer is free from handling calls on patrol to be fingerprinted. You must bring your own fingerprint cards and have proof of ID. There is a $10 fee.


What is the difference between a blotter entry and a case report?
Every call that requires police service receives a blotter entry. This records the caller’s name, address, telephone number, the address where the service is requested, the date, time, and officer(s) that responded. A brief narrative of what the call was about is also recorded by the dispatcher and/or the officer who responded to the call. Only calls that need extra police investigation receive a case report. The officer will complete this when he returns from patrol including details of the investigation.


Do I really need to report minor incidents to the police, such as a stolen item from my car or property?
Yes. Even though the item stolen or the incident may be minor the Police need to know about all crimes in order to adjust their patrols and their staffing levels. Most times it will only take about 15 –20 minutes of your time to complete a report. 


How do I obtain a handicapped parking permit?
You may stop by the Town Clerk’s office between 8am-5pm Monday through Thursday. You must be a Town of Mount Hope or Village of Otisville resident and bring with you your driver’s license, doctor’s prescription, or NYS handicap permit form signed by your doctor.


How can I commend a police officer?
If you would like to commend a police officer for exceptional service you may contact Chief Maresca by calling 845-386-886, or e-mail


How can I make a complaint about a police officer?
If you would like to make a complaint against a police officer, you may come to the station and ask to speak with a supervisor or you can file a complaint via this website. If you have any questions or concerns about police conduct you may contact the on-duty supervisor by calling 845-386-8886.


My registration license plate was stolen/lost, or my license was stolen/lost?
Upon finding anything stolen, report the loss immediately to the local police agency. If the theft occurred in the Town of Mount Hope contact us immediately. We will issue a form to bring to DMV to receive your replacement plates or license. If the theft


Why do 9-1-1 operators and dispatchers ask so many questions?
Dispatchers are required through training and policy to ask at the least what is required to complete a blotter entry, including name, address, telephone number, and the exact nature of the call or complaint. The more information the dispatcher can relay to the responding officer the response can be more efficient and safe. You may make a complaint anonymously.


Cell phones and calling 911, you may not end up where you think you are calling!
Currently, if you dial 911 from a cell phone in the Orange County area you may end up being answered by one of several different agencies including the N.Y. State Police in another area. The agency you want is the Orange County 911 Center located in Goshen, N.Y. When the person answers immediately state your location, then your problem. If unsure of your exact location give the call taker the largest landmark you can observe from where you’re standing. The call taker may ask for more landmarks nearby to give them all the information that they need so the police can find you.


What do I do if I get a ticket, a uniform traffic ticket?
A uniform traffic ticket is generally the ticket you receive when you are stopped by the police while driving your vehicle. You may answer the ticket by pleading guilty or not guilty after reading the entire back of the ticket. Send it to the court address located at the bottom of the front of the ticket. You do not need to appear in court if you answer the ticket in a timely fashion. You will be notified by the court of your trial date if you plead not guilty or your fine if you plead guilty. You may also appear in person to answer the charge by appearing in court on the date specified at the bottom of the front of the ticket. Note: the date that is on the bottom of the ticket is not the trial date; the officer may not be there. That date is only to plead guilty or not guilty, which you could have done by mail. A trial date will be set by the judge at this time.


How can I be a good witness?
Being a witness of a criminal act involves good observation. If you observe an action involving a vehicle attempt to obtain the vehicle’s license plate number along with a description of the vehicle and its driver. The vehicle’s description and plate number are very important in a criminal investigation. Once the action has stopped or is out of your view, call 911 or our 7 digit number (845-386-9442) as appropriate for the situation and describe in detail everything you just observed to the dispatcher. Do NOT attempt to stop the person committing the criminal act unless you are prepared to take such action. Next, write down everything you just observed, and wait for the arrival of the police. If the criminal act involves a person(s) and no vehicle, try and observe the following: sex, height, weight, hair color, and shirt/pants/jacket/hat description including the color. Once the action has stopped or is out of your view, call 911 or our 7 digit number (845-386-9442) as appropriate for the situation. You should describe in detail everything you just observed to the dispatcher. Next, write down everything you just observed, and wait for the arrival of the police. You may be asked to positively identify the suspect you just observed by what is called a “show up”. Follow the instructions of the police officer. You will then be asked to give a statement as to what you just witnessed, in order for the police to begin the arrest process.


How do I report a break-in in progress?
If you are inside your residence and believe that you have an intruder inside your home, attempt to take a cell phone or portable phone with you and leave the residence immediately. Once you have made it to a safe location, call 911 immediately. Give your address first and describe to the dispatcher what is going on. If there are other members of your family in the residence with you, get them out of the residence also. If you observe your neighbor’s house with a possible intruder, call 911 immediately, lock your doors, then stay near a window where you can make observations but can’t be seen from the house you are observing. Give the dispatcher your address first, then your neighbors. Describe your neighbor’s house and if you believe the owner is home. Describe any vehicles that are parked within your view, and if they are occupied by anyone. Stay on the line with the dispatcher until they hang up.


Can I make a complaint regarding someone committing a vehicle and traffic offense?
Yes. However, you cannot sign a formal complaint against someone who commits a traffic offense. You may make a complaint about a specific person or vehicle, or a pattern of traffic offenses committed at a specific location, such as speeding on a specific street. Our supervisory staff will determine whether or not enforcement is required in that area based on the number of complaints received among other things. If you make a complaint about a specific person or vehicle, usually a blotter entry will be made and passed on to the supervisor of the shift.

What happens to a person upon arrest?
Upon arrest, a person is transported to the police station and processed. This includes obtaining their pedigree, photo, and fingerprints. The desk officer will then determine if the person needs to be arraigned before a judge or released and given an appearance ticket to return to court at a later date. If arraigned by a judge and he orders bail, the bail for the arrested subject may be posted at the Orange County Jail in Goshen, N.Y.


What is the legal limit for driving while intoxicated?
.08% Blood Alcohol Content (B.A.C.) is the legal limit for the charge of Driving While Intoxicated a misdemeanor. Under this level, you may be charged with driving while ability impaired depending on the reading, a violation. Drinking and driving any motor vehicle never mix, call a cab or ask a friend to drive you home.

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